Hiking with Shawn Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common Hiking with Shawn Frequently Asked Questions and answers that you might have.

What is Hiking with Shawn?

Hiking with Shawn is a media and entertainment company focusing on providing digital content focusing on the Shawnee National Forest and southern Illinois state parks.

What is the purpose of Hiking with Shawn?

To Promote the Shawnee National Forest and southern Illinois state parks as one of the key components of regional tourism to help stabilize the rural economies of Southern Illinois.

Who founded and owned Hiking with Shawn?

Hiking with Shawn was founded and is currently owned by, Shawn J. Gossman of Metropolis, Illinois.

Is Hiking with Shawn an actual business?

Yes. Hiking with Shawn is a legal business entity. Hiking with Shawn is a registered Limited Liability Company in the State of Illinois. The business aspects of the company are done through online merchandise sales, advertising, premium features, itinerary services, and the guided hiking service. While Hiking with Shawn is a business, the core products (videos, photos, and articles/guides) are free, and the main mission is still tourism through conservancy.

Does Hiking with Shawn monetize videos?

Hiking with Shawn only monetizes videos filmed on private property with permission for commercial use and National Park Service property per recently updated guidelines. Hiking with Shawn DOES NOT monetize videos filmed on National Forest or state-managed public land areas due to commercial filming permit restrictions.

Does Hiking with Shawn officially support public land management agencies?

Yes. Hiking with Shawn officially supports public land management agencies and their regulations. 

Is Hiking with Shawn a protected trademark?

Yes, the mark ‘Hiking with Shawn’ is a nationally registered trademark of Hiking with Shawn, LLC.

Does Hiking with Shawn care about conservation at all?

Yes. Hiking with Shawn promotes tourism with the effort of including Leave No Trace principles, Pack it in-pack it out and Recreate Responsibly. Hiking with Shawn cares about conservancy just as much as it cares about regional tourism.

Does Hiking with Shawn offer tours?

Yes. Hiking with Shawn offers guided day hiking ang guided day biking tour services for a fee. Hiking with Shawn also organizes free group hike and bike ride events as well. See Hiking with Shawn Tours for more information.

Does Hiking with Shawn offer itinerary services?

Yes. Hiking with Shawn offers Itinerary Planning Services for a free. See Hiking with Shawn Tours for more information.

When was Hiking with Shawn created?

Hiking with Shawn was created on December 12, 2016.

What cameras are used to create videos on Hiking with Shawn?

Hiking with Shawn uses a number of different cameras including:

  • GoPro Hero 10 4K 30FPS (Primary Camera)
    • Media Mod
    • RODE Video Micro Mic
  • Sony FDR AX-700 4K 30FPS Handy Cam (mainly for Snake Road because of the zoom feature)
    • RODE Video Pro Mic
  • GoPro Hero 8 4K 30FPS (used for B-roll footage capture)
    • RODE Video Micro Mic
  • iPhone 11 Max Pro (photography and short videos)
  • Nikon D7100 SLR ( Professional Photography)
  • Retired Cameras:
    • Nikon D3100 SLR
    • GoPro Hero 6
    • GoPro Hero 5
    • GoPro Karma Drone
What software does Hiking with Shawn use to edit videos and photos?

Video editing is done using Vegas Pro. Photo editing is done using Adobe Light Room and Photo Shop.

Does Hiking with Shawn use a drone?

Not currently. Drones can be dangerous and there are many rules concerning their use in National Forests, Wildlife Refuges and State Parks. Maybe in the future a drone will be used.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us today!


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