Black Friday 2019

Nothing is Scheduled

Well Howdy Folks,

Shawn here from Hiking with Shawn! I wanted to release this article to tell you some exciting news about this coming Black Friday!

Here we go..


There will be no regularly scheduled video on Black Friday!

There will be no deals or special coupon for my Merch Store on Black Friday!

There will be no big exciting articles being published on Black Friday!

What are you going to do?! I challenge you to get outside and #OptOutside but not only get out for a hike, bike, ride or whatever you choose, bring a trash bag with you and collect any litter you see while enjoying the outdoors. To heck with the deals! To heck with being stuck in a crowded store full of fanatic shoppers trying to get the same deals that happen other times throughout the year! Instead of rushing to shop inside, #OptOutside and rush to get outside and enjoy nature and some fresh air while doing a good deed!

If you have to work, just make up for it the next day you are off! 🙂

Nature is always free of charge!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you #OptOutside this Black Friday and until next time, I’ll see you on the trail!

Shawn J. Gossman

Shawn J. Gossman

Founder & Host

Shawn is the founder and host of the YouTube Channel, Hiking with Shawn as well as Hiking with Shawn LLC. Shawn hikes, backpacks and visits various forested areas in the Shawnee National Forest, local state parks and other areas promoting outdoor recreational activities to obtain video to show to locals and non-locals alike. Please support Shawn’s efforts by sharing this post and leaving a comment below.


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