Above: What the sticker looks like.

While supplies last, you can get your very own Hiking with Shawn sticker. Put the sticker on a car, on your water bottle, on your wall, where ever you’d like. You can have more than one sticker if you want more than one. (Limit: 1 stickers per person) Find out how to get a Hiking with Shawn sticker below!

NOTICE: Due to the massive amount of sticker requests by ‘freebie seekers’, I’ve had to change the way I distribute Hiking with Shawn stickers to those who want one. This new change will also help me alleviate some costs and restock when more stickers are needed.

To get a Hiking with Shawn sticker (Max per person: 4) , please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the mailing address list to the right. Please note if the envelope is not stamped, no stickers will be sent.

Send to:

Hiking with Shawn

P.O. Box 453

Hurst, Illinois 62949

Hiking with Shawn proudly uses Sticker Junkie to create official channel stickers!

Copyright © 2018 Hiking with Shawn, LLC

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