Welcome to Trail Page Demo, on this page, you can find out more about a specific trail in the Shawnee National Forest. In this brief section of the page, we show a photo of the trail site to the left and this brief statement about the trail site on the right.

About Demo Trail

In this section of the page, I explain more about the trail in a broader and more defined manner. You will learn things such as trail difficulties, things to see, flora, wildlife you can expect and related information. This section may be about 2-3 paragraphs at most but will be intended to give you an idea about what you can expect the trail to be life in case you wish to visit it.

Trail Stats

  • Trail Difficulty 75% 75%
  • Things to see 85% 85%
  • Trail condition 50% 50%
  • Trail use 25% 25%
  • Trail Maintenance 10% 10%

A link will be provided here to show you more information about what Trail Stats mean and how the percentages are defined.

Trail Updates

August 1, 2018

The trail is looking good but there are some angry pumas out there!

December 2, 2762

I’m telling you this update through your mind because the year is 2762!!!

This section will show the latest trail updates such as washouts, maintenance work done, hazards to look out for and important information for forest users.

Trail Info

  • No overnight camping
  • No potable water sources
  • No trash service provided
  • Cell phone signal is bad
  • No signs of Big Foot…yet!
  • UFOs have been spotted
  • Winter is coming!!!
  • We are the knights who say Neee!
  • I can’t think of anything else…

This section will talk briefly about the trail site rules and important information that trail users would want to know before they visit.

Getting to Demo Trail

Google Map

Demo Site Trail

It’s a big freaking rocking chair, folks!!!!

This will show you exact directions to the trail using Google Maps API.

Driving Directions

From St. Louis, MO

  • Go down that highway number whatever
  • Turn by the big purple tree
  • Driver around in a perfect circle 1,800 times
  • And you’re there

From Tim Buck Two

  • Enter flying car
  • Don’t press the EXPLODE NOW button!!!!
  • Teleport and there you are!
  • Watch out for the goat people…

Detailed driving directions from various locations will be displayed here.

Near the Demo Trail


Emergency: 911

Nearest Ranger Station: 555-010-6060

Nearest Hospital: Montana

Sheriff’s Office: 555-876-0990

Emergency information and numbers will be displayed here specific to this particular area of the trail.

Fuel & Groceries!

Piggly Wigglies

301 N Space Rd

Somewhere, NA 99999

Gas .40 a gal

This will show nearby gas stations and convenient stores. Latest fuel prices will be updated as they become available.


Crayfish Cafe

You catch’em, we cook’em

1,200 crayfish for $1


This section will show nearby restaurants specific to the area of the trail.

Sponsored Businesses Nearby


Local businesses can advertise here!


Local businesses can advertise here!


Local businesses can advertise here!


Local businesses can advertise here!

A link will be provided here where local businesses can purchase affordable advertising on specific trail pages. Businesses must be local to the specific area and be honest in nature. Non-relevant advertising will not be allowed anywhere on this website.

Demo Trail Gallery

Trail Photos

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

This section will show a slider feature of photos of this particular trail site.

Trail Video

This section will show an official Hiking with Shawn video of the specific trail site.

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