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Hidden Springs Ranger District

This is where the page will explain more about the trail that visitors are wishing to learn more about. In this sections, a few paragraphs will be created in an efforts to thoroughly explain the trail/site and its feature while also trying to remain short but to the point in order to keep it simpler, efficient and user-friendly.

This section should win the audience over in a sense as to entice them to visit this specific area of the region. It is essential to talk about key features and what awesome things can be seen by visiting this area. Imagine that this is the introduction section of a book. Keep sentencing friendly for readers and keep it very simple as well to ensure that attention can remain on the topic at hand.

The photo to the left before the first paragraph should specifically display the area that the page is about. If not a sign advertising the area, then a key feature of what can be seen at the area.

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Trail Name Information

Directions & Important Information!

Driving Directions

From St. Louis, MO – click here

From Chicago, IL – click here

From Nashville, TN – click here

From Indianapolis, IN – click here

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Map to Site

Bell Smith Springs

Caption this…

Further Instructions

  1. This is where extra “getting there” instructions will go
  2. Such as things to look for to know you’re going the right way
  3. Forest Road numbers or street names that might not be found on the map
  4. Make it a breeze for folks to get to the area

Trail Instructions

  1. GPS link goes here
  2. Give trail user advice
  3. Give compass direction to trailhead/parking
  4. Make it a breeze for folks to hike the area

Parking Availability

This is where information about parking availability will go. This will include how many cars, horse trailers, etc can fit in the area and nearby spots (if applicable) where parking can be obtained.

Trail Safety & Rules

This is safety information specific to this trail. This include if restrooms are present, water sources, suggested clothing/gear, etc. This also includes any special rules that apply to the specific area (such as Natural Area rules, etc.).

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency: 911

Sheriff’s Office

Nearest Hospital
Address / Driving Directions link here

Forest Service Information

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