Hiking with Shawn Mission

The mission of Hiking with Shawn is to promote the Shawnee National Forest and State Parks in southern Illinois in terms of outdoor recreational activities with conservation in mind while advocating for local economic stabilization. The natural resources of southern Illinois is what this region can capitalize on and Hiking with Shawn promotes that while also understanding the need to Recreate Responsibly with conservation in mind.

Hiking with Shawn Vision

The vision of Hiking with Shawn is to help promote economic stabilization around the region of southern Illinois by providing free media and resources to hiking, cycling, equestrian and outdoor recreational users enjoying the forest. Hiking with Shawn focuses on promoting these healthy outdoor lifestyles with conservation in mind. Hiking with Shawn focuses on two major outdoor conservation campaigns including Recreate Responsibly and Leave No Trace. The first and always first vision is to support southern Illinois by focusing on the outdoor recreation economic development.

On a business side, Hiking with Shawn aims to develop its position in the outdoor business world by providing a service (mainly which is free) to recreational users and local partners. Hiking with Shawn follows state and federal regulations concerning practicing commercial activities on public lands. Hiking with Shawn is a registered Limited Liability Company and is a national trademark of Hiking with Shawn, LLC.

Hiking with Shawn Story

Hiking with Shawn was created in December of 2016 by Shawn J. Gossman. Shawn is a southern Illinois native who has always enjoyed the outdoors. Hiking with Shawn was initially created for health and promoting the trails to close friends and family members. However, the brand quickly grew more to the local and regional outdoor recreational users of the forest and state areas. Hiking with Shawn then turned into an organization devoted to promoting the forest and state areas in hopes to help local businesses and communities within southern Illinois.

Hiking with Shawn focuses on its main feature being videos uploaded to YouTube focusing on hiking, cycling and other outdoor recreational activities within and around the Shawnee National Forest and southern Illinois state parks. Hiking with Shawn also focuses on video, photos and other media products on other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Hiking with Shawn also published information on the official website as well.

Who is Hiking with Shawn

Shawn Gossman

Shawn is the founder and CEO of Hiking with Shawn, LLC. Shawn is the main host of the video episodes, photographer and handles most day-to-day management operations of the company. Shawn started Hiking with Shawn as a way to promote his hikes to his friends.

However, he realized that it quickly grew into something bigger. Shawn has always been into the outdoors but recently became more into cycling and hiking into his late twenty and thirties. Hiking with Shawn saved Shawn’s life as he became more healthy because of it, met the girl of his dreams and has a chance to make the lives of others better while promoting tourism in an area that he will always call home.

Shawn works in the Quality Assurance field of industrial product manufacturing. He is a double Master degree holder with an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a Master of Science in Emergency Management and Public Health. Shawn is a board member of Friends of the Shawnee National Forest, Friends of the Cache River Watershed and the River to River Trail Society. Shawn is an avid hiker, cyclist and herpetological wildlife advocate.

Michelle Cochran

Michelle is the Community Manager of Hiking with Shawn. She handles community management day-to-day operations and assists with social media management as well. Michelle also assists with filming. Michelle is also the girlfriend of Shawn Gossman whom she met through hiking.

Michelle has always been into the outdoors and recalls many times taking her kids on hikes through the forest when they said they were bored. Michelle enjoys local areas like Heron Pond and Wildcat Bluff, Dixon Springs State Park, Ferne Clyffe State Park and biking on Tunnel Hill State Trail.

Michelle works in the hardware retail management industry. She has many years experience in nursery management and enjoys flowers and plants. Michelle is an avid hiker, cyclist and really enjoys camping. Michelle and Shawn happily live together in rural Massac County not too far from the Shawnee National Forest.

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