Early Morning Hiking

is the

Way To Go

Are you into early morning hiking, or do you like to sleep in before getting up to go for a hike?

Did you know that hiking in the morning might be what you need to make your day better? Not everyone can hike in the morning because of their jobs, kids, school, and other needs. But if you have that ability but choose to sleep in instead, you should change it.

I used to start my hikes around noon. They would be a lot shorter because I would have less time. Now we go hiking right as the sun begins to come out but always at least a few hours before noon.

Early morning hiking is the way to go, and in this article, I will show you its benefits.


Beat the Crowds with Early Morning Hiking

Early morning hiking is the best way to beat the crowds because most of them will not start that early.

If you’ve ever been to Garden of the Gods Observation Trail or Bell Smith Springs in the Shawnee National Forest on a weekend day in the summer, then you’ve seen the crowds. There are more people than most people expect. Some people can handle crowds, while others can’t. Some will avoid those areas, which is sad because those are some of the best-looking forest areas.

But I have the perfect solution for you! Start early in the morning, right as the sun is rising. If you don’t have it to yourself, there will only be a handful of others sharing it with you. And you’ll all be there to beat the crowds. I love getting there early in the week! I usually have it to myself for the whole hike.

The best way to beat the crowds is to start early morning hiking.


Hike Longer with Early Morning Hiking

Have you ever wanted to explore some of those longer trails but are afraid of running out of time?

Early morning hiking is another benefit of this desire. The earlier you start, the more time you will have to hike your trail. If you start at dawn, you should have anywhere from 10 to 14 hours of daylight, pending DLST seasons. That should give you enough time to hike and a longer trail while stopping to smell the roses.

I’m an adventurer when I get on those longer trails. I want to see every bluff, nook, and cranny out there. I look for wildflowers, rare plants, bugs, snakes, bats, and everything. But to do that and not hike out at night, I always have to start early.

Early morning hiking is the best way to give yourself plenty of time to hike the trail of your choice.


Embrace the Start of the Day with Early Morning Hiking

Have you ever hiked early in the morning while the forest wakes up from its nighttime slumber?

Something is uplifting about waking up with nature. As the sun comes out, the morning birds and critters start doing their thing. The trees and plants become alive. The air is fresher and crisp. The world begins to wake up, and you can witness all that in person. It’s like yoga or meditation for your mind and senses.

Early morning hiking has changed me as a person, not just a hiker. It has allowed me to connect with nature. I can feel the Great Spirit, just like my Native American ancestors once felt. Connecting with nature on all fronts has improved my life significantly. If your life isn’t going as planned, maybe you need to take a hike.

Start hiking as early as you can in the morning, and I bet your life will get better.


You should try hiking as early in the morning as possible. Doing this has many benefits versus starting so late in the day. Not everyone can do it, but I highly suggest it to those who can. It’s made my hiking life and my life, in general, a lot better. Thanks for reading and subscribe to my free monthly newsletter for exclusive articles, photos, upcoming events, hiking tips, and more.

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Shawn Gossman

Shawn Gossman

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