18 Easy Camping Hacks to Make Camp Better

Are you in search of some easy camping hacks?

Well, I’ve got 18 camping hacks just for you. These hacks are bound to improve your camping trip, whether you’re glamping or backpacking to your camp spot.

Camping should always be fun and relaxing; these easy camping hacks will help make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

Let’s get right into these great hacks!

Easy Camping Hacks for Your Next Camping Trip

All types of camping styles can use these camping hacks, whether you’re in a campground or the middle of the wilderness.


1 – Bring a solar light stake

These are lightweight and easy to store where light can get to them, whether in your vehicle or your backpack. These make perfect camping lights when you need to get up in the middle of the night or just see around camp.


2 – Wet Shoe Drier Solution

Take the insoles out of your wet shoes and stuff your dirty clothes into them overnight as you sleep. The clothing should absorb the moisture and dry the shoe faster for the next day.


3 – Tent Floor Padding

Create a soft padded tent floor by using foam padded tiles. If you’re backpacking, taking a few of these could help give you extra padding to lay on.

Easy Camping Hacks

4 – DIY Lantern

Take an empty gallon milk jug and wrap your headlamp around it with the light facing into the jug. This will create an instant lantern.


5 – Strong Tent Zippers

Try to wax your tent zippers a few times a year, depending on how often you use your tent. This will help protect the integrity of your zippers and keep them strong.


6 – Tick Prevention

Put tea-tree oil and water into a small spray bottle as a natural solution for preventing tick bites. Spray on your clothing, gear, and footwear.


7 – Sandpaper Striker

Glue a piece of sandpaper on the top of your matchbox or match container to have a strong, striking pad for lighting matches.


8 – Spice Holders

Tic-Tac containers make great single spice holders. They’re lightweight and can hold many spices for all your trips.


9 – Kitchen Cabinet

Wrap a belt around a tree. Hang hooks from the belt that have a hook on each side. Hang your camp kitchen pots and pans from the hooks.


10 – Personal First Aid Kits

Take empty pill bottles to make personal first aid kits with necessities in them. The bottles will keep moisture out, and they’re lightweight.


11 – Morning Pancakes

Pack pre-made pancake powder mixed with dry milk for a good breakfast. This mixture doesn’t have to be refrigerated or cooled since the milk is a dry powder. What other easy camping hacks for food do you know?


12 – Trail Markers

Take orange bio-degradable market tape ribbon to mark your trails to avoid getting lost. Just take it down when you’re done – Leave No Trace!


13 – Easy Fire Starters

Take cotton pads and dip them in wax. Store them in a tin can and take them on your camping adventures. These make for great fire starters.


14 – Lighter Towels

Use micro-fiber towels for camping. They are extremely lightweight. They dry extremely faster. And they don’t typically have a stinky smell after much use. This is one of those easy camping hacks I use a lot.


15 – Keep Gear Dry

Put a big trash bag in your backpack before you pack your gear. Pack your gear into the trash bag and seal it up before you start. This is to keep all your gear dry if you get in the rain.


16 – Alternative Pillow

Stuff your dirty clothes in the bag that holds your sleeping bag. You can use this as a pillow. Throw a tea bag into the case to help neutralize any sort of smells.


17 – Mosquito Repellent

If you plan to have a campfire, burn some sage in it. This will help repel mosquitoes and biting flies. Burn it as you set up your tent to keep bugs from getting in it.


18 – Sleeping Bag Warmer

Boil some water and put it into a plastic, smart water bottle. Put it at the foot of your sleeping bag. This will help warm the bag and keep you protected from the cold.


I hope you have enjoyed these easy camping hacks. If you have, please share this article with your hiking and camping friends. Feel free to leave a comment telling me what hack your favorite is and any more you’d like to add. Subscribe to my free monthly newsletter for more hiking and camping tips.

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