Top 10 Hiking with Shawn Videos to Watch Today

There are over 1,100 Hiking with Shawn videos on the official Hiking with Shawn YouTube channel.

These videos show various hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor recreation destination, primarily around southern Illinois and the Shawnee National Forest. There are a few Hiking with Shawn videos from Missouri, Kentucky, and Arkansas.

Hiking with Shawn probably has some great videos if you’re looking for a great place to hike, camp, bike, and recreate outdoors in and around southern Illinois.

In this article, I want to show you the Top 10 Hiking with Shawn videos on YouTube. Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed the videos by giving them a like and subscribing to me on YouTube.

Top 10 Hiking with Shawn Videos

Let’s look at the Top 10 Hiking with Shawn videos based on views.


1 – Hiking with Shawn Videos Intro

The official trailer for Hiking with Shawn videos. I just took some of my best footage from other videos and made a mix video to show you what I do. I need to update the trailer because I’ve done much more since creating that particular trailer video. If you want to know about some places I go to, that video is a great place to start.

2 – Snake Road Special Guest

I seem to feature many cottonmouth snakes in this particular Snake Road video. Cottonmouths are the most frequently seen snakes at Snake Road. These snakes are venomous and should never be handled. Snake Road is where you’d want to go if you’ve always wanted to see a cottonmouth.

3 – Snake Road Fall 2019

This was a great migration. It was before the global pandemic hit the earth. I missed most of the spring 2020 migration because I was trying to abide by social distancing rules. I finally went and enjoyed snake sightings while respecting others. But I do remember this particular snake migration being a good one.

4 – Big Day at Snake Road

As you can tell, most of the top Hiking with Shawn videos are of Snake Road. The area is very popular for snake watch. It has even caused controversy lately among the “herping” community, which comprises people who like snakes. Some say too many visitors are going to Snake Road and disrupting the snake habitat. I’d love to see scientific data behind the claim, personally. If you do visit, do keep habitat and snake safety in mind. Don’t handle – it’s one of the worst things you can do.

5 – Best of Snake Road, Fall 2017

I wanted to try out Top 10 videos and chose Snake Road as an experiment. It did well. I am unsure why I made no more top 10 Hiking with Shawn videos after that. Comment below if you’d like me to make more of those types of videos and what topics. I’m interested if you’re interested!

6 – Bell Smith Springs Ladder Climb

The first and only time I climbed the ladder by the Natural Arch at Bell Smith Springs is in this video. I’m not scared of heights, but I’m tall, and it’s awkward when I climb up and down ladders. The one at Bell Smith Springs has on the terrifying side, but I did it. I never climbed down the ladder and didn’t have any plans to.

7 – An Otter Eating a Siren

This is probably one of my favorite Hiking with Shawn videos featuring Snake Road. I captured an Otter in the swamp chowing down on a Lesser Siren. It seemed not even to care that we were there. I miss seeing that Otter, but it eventually moved on. That was a favorite moment on Snake Road with my friends Josh and Beth.

8 – Osprey Manta 36 Review

I use Osprey hiking packs. I decided to make a review video from my experience using the Osprey Manta 36 litter day pack. I have other backpack reviews on this channel, too. I must have given a good enough review to get many views and positive feedback. I hope to make more Hiking with Shawn videos focusing on reviews in the future. What sort of gear reviews would you like to see me make?

9 – My First Rattlesnake

This video features my first rattlesnake sighting at close range. It’s also the first rattlesnake I’ve ever featured on video. I witnessed this rattlesnake at Snake Road. It was around the time when I first started going to Snake Road, too. So, it’s one of those Hiking with Shawn videos that are very special to my heart. I like snakes and think they deserve more protection on a federal-wide level.

10 – Hotel California is the Most Viewed Hiking with Shawn Videos

My most viewed video is a hiking trip at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky. In this video, we visit Hotel California. This heavily graffitied structure was the home to a retired riverboat captain. It was an elegant home during its hay day. Many people confuse it with Vampire Hotel, but the two are different. The Vampire Hotel structure no longer exists.

And that concludes my Top 10 Hiking with Shawn Videos. I’ve enjoyed reliving some of these videos again. I’m glad all of you reading were able to experience these places with me by watching and commenting on the videos. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more like it, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel today. It would mean a lot to me!

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Shawn Gossman

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