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Do you need kayaking gift ideas this holiday season? Is there a special kayaker in your life that you want to treat?

Look no further! In this article, you’ll see ten great kayaking Christmas gift ideas for that special kayaker in your life. Maybe it’s your significant other. Perhaps it’s your kid. Maybe it’s you! No matter who it is, there are plenty of great kayaking gifts to get them this year.

I just got into kayaking this year and have fallen in love with it. The following kayaking gift ideas are some of the things I’ve got and others I know. They’re great gifts for kayakers.

Let’s get into these gift ideas, shall we?


Kayaking Gift Ideas 1: Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags are a perfect gift to keep your phone, money, and keys from getting soaked while kayaking.

There are a lot of great waterproof bag brands out there to choose from. The bags come in different sizes. Most Velcro shut, fold down, and then zip closed, making them very airtight. If the bag goes in the water, you can rest assured that whatever you put in it stays dry.

My girlfriend got me an assortment of these bags. I use them every time I kayak because I tend to bring water each time I paddle.  I’ve always used them in a cave full of water as deep as my belly, and they held up well.

These will make the perfect stocking stuffer if you’re looking for kayaking gift ideas.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 2: Kayak Seat with Storage Bag

Many kayaks don’t come with very comfortable seats, which makes for a perfect gift this holiday season.

This is especially nice for sit-on-top kayaks. Most of the seats are plastic and hard. An excellent external seat attachment should attach right in and provide a good amount of padding. When kayaking, you sit on your butt the whole time. Your butt can get numb, and it can even be painful. A good kayaking seat will help prevent that.

I got myself a padded kayaking seat with a bag attached to it. I’ve become pretty happy with the seat, and the bag on the back holds everything I wanted to bring with me on a day kayaking trip.

Give the gift of butt comfort this holiday season!


Kayaking Gift Ideas 3: Kayaking Lights

Kayaking in the daylight is a lot of fun, but being stranded at night might be nerve-racking.

Unless you have lights! Like a boat, kayaks can also have lights attached to them. Most of the time, you can find rechargeable lights that make perfect kayaking gift ideas this year. That way, your special kayaker doesn’t have to worry much about returning before the sun goes down.

I’ve seen some pretty unique kayaking light systems, too. And they don’t cost a lot, either. An attached light beats holding onto a flashlight while you’re trying to paddle back the shore.

Give the gift of light this year so your kayaking loved one can get back safely, day or night.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 4: Kayaking GoPro Mounts

As a video guy, I can’t suggest it more than enough, start recording your outdoor adventures.

A great gift combo for a kayaker would be a GoPro and some kayaking mounts. They make mounts for surfboards and kayaks that can easily fit a GoPro camera. That way, you can paddle around while still easily recording your epic shots.

I bought a couple of kayaking mounts for my GoPro. I’ll get great footage of myself and my surroundings using those mounts.

GoPro has some great inexpensive mounts for surfboards and kayaks.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 5: Kayaking Spray Skirt

One of the most significant issues for sit-inside kayakers is getting water inside the kayak while paddling.

A good spray skirt can help fix this problem. The spray skirt fits over the kayaking and protects the openings of the kayak and their laps from getting water in while paddling or if it’s raining. This is especially important during the winter months when it is freezing.

I use a sit-on-top kayak and always get water on my lap. I could only imagine what a skirt system would be like. For sit-inside kayakers, these make for excellent kayaking gift ideas.

Since it’s the cold season, this should make an excellent gift for kayaking in the winter.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 6: Winter Wetsuit

Gift the gift of not freezing to death when you fall into the cold water.

A wetsuit is perfect for kayakers who wish to continue paddling into the winter season. Accidents can happen, and you could fall into the water. Being wet and freezing could mean danger if you don’t return to your vehicle in time. A wetsuit can solve this issue by keeping you dry and warm at the same time.

I’m a new kayaker, and I won’t paddle in the winter because of the fear of falling in. If I wore a wetsuit, I might be slightly calmer about it.

Keep your kayaking loved ones safe while they explore the open waters during the winter.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 7: Water Shoes

One of the best kayaking gift ideas you could come up with is water shoes.

Some of the lakes that you kayak might be a little slimy or muddy on the bottom. Having something separating your bare feet from the ickiness of what lies beneath is always a plus. Besides, there could be sharp rocks and pointy things you might step on. It is always a good idea to protect your feet.

I use water shoes every time I kayak. I can never launch or bring in my kayak without getting my feet a little bit wet. But some of the lakes I’ve been to have a stench to the water. I’d rather keep a specific type of shoe for that activity than use my sandals.

Water shoes are not just good for kayaking either; you can take them to the beach or even to walk a creek.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 8: Paddle Grips

Paddling can be a strenuous activity, especially when the wind is rough.

It can do a number on your hands. You might grip a little tighter because you don’t want to let the paddles go by accident. The ergonomics of using your hand that way is awkward and could have long-term effects. You can get hand cramps or even blisters. Paddle grips help prevent that. They slide onto the area of your paddle, giving you a cushioned grip.

When I first started kayaking, I noticed that I’d splash water a lot in the kayak. It would get on the paddles, and I’d have a hard time hanging on to them unless I brought a towel to wipe them constantly. If you’re in a rapid’s situation, that is harder to do. The grips help in that area.

Any kayaking gift ideas that make the experience more comfortable will be a big win this holiday season.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 9: Waterproof Phone Case

Protecting your phone while kayaking is essential, but what if you want to take photos?

An excellent waterproof phone case with a camera feature is what you need. This is an incredible kayaking gift. Make sure you get the proper case for the right phone, however. Phones slip into the case, and when you seal them up, they’re airtight. But you can still take plenty of photos.

Michelle got me a couple, and I’ve used them kayaking and caving without worrying about damaging my phone. Plus, I could still take photos and videos with it the whole time, which is essential for me, as you know.

Everything is on our phones these days. We got to make sure that we protect them from damage.


Kayaking Gift Ideas 10: Kayak Cart

Sometimes you have to haul your kayak farther than you’d like, which can be hard on the body.

A kayak cart is like a two-wheeler for your kayak. You get it on the cart, and you can easily pull it to where you want to launch. Add a bicycle lock as a bonus feature if they want to lock up the cart where they launch. A kayaking cart is easier on the body than awkwardly carrying the boat around without support.

There are a lot of cool places to launch here in the Shawnee National Forest, but you’d have to carry your kayak to them. I’m tall, and it gets awkward for me to do stuff like that. A cart makes it so much easier.

Kayaking carts make great kayaking gift ideas if you want to help make adventures easier.


And that sums up ten great kayaking gift ideas for this holiday season. The ideas above would make fantastic presents and stocking stuffers alike. I use several of the products above, which has made my kayaking experience much more enjoyable. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more, share it and subscribe to my free monthly newsletter for more exclusive content.

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