Limekiln Springs Hike this Saturday


Hiking the Limekiln Springs Trail in Ullin, Illinois.



Hike starts at 9:00 AM and will go until about 1:00 PM at most on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Meet at Limekiln Springs Trail (West Trailhead). Take Shawnee College Road (heading east) from Ullin and turn left (head north) on Cache Chapel Road. Trailhead will be on your right (sign is present).

Limekiln Springs Hike

What to Bring?

Bring plenty of water and a snack.

It is recommended you wear sturdy boots, long pants, and a light long-sleeved shirt. There are many mosquitoes in this area (swamp) this time of the year. Wear (and bring) plenty of bug spray and a head net if you commonly get bit a lot.


Hike Information:

The hike will be around 3 to 5 miles (out and back).

Hike is free and open to the public.

Please enjoy other days and events provided by Cache River Days in Ullin.

I’ll see you on the trail!

Super thanks to the Village of Ullin, Shawnee Community College, Cache River Days organizers, Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Cache River State Natural Area, and Friends of the Cache River Watershed for making this free community event possible.

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