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Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots

Since I’ve recently purchased my second pair of Oboz waterproof hiking boots, I figured that was a good time to create a review for it. I’ve used these new Oboz Mid Bridger waterproof hiking boots for a few months and those before that for over a year. I want to give you my honest opinion of the shoes and help you decide if they are right for you. Protecting our feet during hiking activities is critical. I hope you enjoy this review.


Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots Features

Out of the box, the boot is heavy but not too heavy. They weigh about 2.5 pounds out of the box. They’re not for ultralight folks, but they’re sturdy enough for rugged hiking. The height of the boot is just over the ankle (mid-size). I can quickly wear crew socks or longer socks with these boots. I usually go for a crew sock length. The boot is labeled as B-Dry waterproofing material. I’ll get more into the waterproof aspects below. The lining is nylon and mesh. The tightening system is lace-up style. The outsole is carbon rubber, and there is support for the bottom and sides of the foot. Waterproof leather material is used for the upper portion of the boot. As with most hiking boots on the market, it is imported.


Are the Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots waterproof?

I am very well known to be clumsy when it comes to creek crossings. I don’t fall into creeks, but I often get my feet wet. I sought a waterproof boot because wet feet in the cold winter months aren’t a good time. So, are these Oboz waterproof hiking boots waterproof? Yes, they are genuinely waterproof in a few ways. They repel water from seeping inside as long as your boot top is above the water when standing in water. I will walk through shallow creeks and stand in them to take photos and videos without worrying about these boots. Secondly, the material used on the boot’s outer portion dries exceptionally quickly. And thirdly, I occasionally get water into my boot, and while my foot gets wet at that point, the inside of the boot dries soon as I hike. So far, the Oboz Bridger mid-waterproof hiking boots are the best hiking boots I’ve owned for the sake of being waterproof.


Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots and Comfort

My first pair of Oboz waterproof hiking boots (same as those I have now) was a size 13. This is typically the size of shoe I wear. It was all they had. It felt too tight and uncomfortable for a while. It took time to break in, but I didn’t get any blisters. The new boots are size 14-wide. They fit perfectly with a bit of space for a thicker sock (or two pairs of socks) during the colder months. I recommend sizing up when getting these boots. The sole is very comfortable, and the boot never makes my feet hurt too bad. My feet will get a little sore after I hike over 6-miles, but that can be so many factors, including your pack’s weight. When the laces are tightly tied up, the boot feels sturdy and seems to protect the ankle well on accidental ankle rolls. Overall, this is a comfortable boot.


Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots and Tread

I feel these boots are suitable for grip and tread when walking on natural surfaces. However, during very snowy or iced-over events, I’d recommend using crampons or spikes over trusting the track of the boots. No boots can take the winter grip like a good pair of shoe spikes can do. My girlfriend bought a couple of these boots herself (men’s), and she didn’t like the tread grip at first, but it was her first time using this brand of boot, and it was my second time. You have to be careful when on wet rocky surfaces and never rely on your footwear (no matter what brand) to keep you from slipping. I feel the grip and tread is what I would typically expect from a hiking boot.


Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots Style

I don’t think style matters too much to most of us, but I know it does to some. There are two color options for this boot. “Raven” has more of a lighter and gray tone, and there is “Sudan,” which is browner with a darker tone. I have Sudan, and my girlfriend has Raven. There are some accent color features throughout the boot to make it more stylish. I feel like the boot works well with a pair of hiking pants or shorts. My girlfriend looks stylish wearing them with leggings and biker shorts on warmer weather hikes. They look like hiking boots but are not so tall that you need to wear only pants with them. I find them to be of everyday hiking boot style.


My Overall Opinion of the Oboz Bridger Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

I like them enough that I bought a second pair. The first pair are great but tighter than I wanted them to be. I am saving my first pair to be my official caving boots. I’ll only be wearing them to caves and caverns. I’ve had my first pair for over a year and put more than 1,000-miles of rugged hiking on them. They are still in perfect shape with expected wear and tear. These boots last a good year or more, pending how you take care of them. I would recommend getting a pair of these boots for sure.


Price of these Oboz Waterproof Hiking Boots and Where to Buy

The price I paid was about $180.00. I purchased them from a local outdoor store, and they threw in a pair of name-brand hiking socks for free. I don’t see the retail-chain stores doing that, so I suggest you shop locally. You can get these on REI as well. Here is an affiliate link to the boots on REI, which I will get paid for if you buy them. Alternatively, you can go to REI without my affiliate link to purchase these boots if you want to. That’s totally up to you!


And there you have it – my review of these Oboz waterproof hiking boots, the Bridger Mid series. I hope this review was what you were looking for. Please consider sharing it with other hikers who might enjoy it. I’d love to know what you thought about this review and answer any further questions you might have by commenting below.


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