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Snake Road Fall Migration 2018 was probably the most successful Snake Road herping season that I have ever experienced in all the years I’ve been going to LaRue Pine Hills Snake Road. I saw a lot of snakes, a lot of “lifer snakes” to see on Snake Road at that but I also had a lot of great experiences with meeting people, being on the news and collaborations. There is so much to talk about in regards to the Snake Road Fall Migration 2018 that I felt it needed its very own blog post.

But First, Are You Connected With me?

Let’s take a closer looks at what Hiking with Shawn had been up to during the Snake Road Fall Migration 2018.

Heartland Weekend

News Interview

The video to the right shows my interview with KFVS Channel 12 Heartland Weekend. I was interviewed at Snake Road and mainly about my trips to Snake Road. 
It allowed me a chance to not only promote Hiking with Shawn but it also allowed me to advocate Snake Road and express the importance of following the rules there.

Channel 12 Interview

Check out my full interview and article with KFVS Channel 12 Heartland Weekend!

The interview went well and I feel really honored that Channel 12 was the first local news agency to cover me. I really try my best to promote the local area so when a local news company interviews me, it is a big deal to me and really motivates me to continue doing what I do with Hiking with Shawn. After the news interview, I had countless people on Snake Road stop me saying “You’re that guy that was on the news” and it really made my day when it happened. I still have people meeting me and telling me it. It was a really fun and exciting experience to be able to take part of. I hope I get more local news coverage in the future because the more local folks see Hiking with Shawn, the more I can be motivated to post more and more videos.

YouTube Creator


Snake Road Fall Migration 2018 was the year of YouTube Creator Collaborations for me. It was so much fun getting together with different YouTube Creators to experience Snake Road together while having a blast with our video creations!
I got the chance to collaborate with Two Bobs’ Adventures quite a few times which is always a blast. I’ve become really good friends with the Two Bobs and their family over the past few years. We together several times a month and it is always nice to hear from them. I also had the chance to collaborate once again with Yote Off Trail and his family, some great folks from Indiana who try to visit Snake Road during the migration every chance they get. I was really excited to finally meet Cliff-Dweller and Catfish from Slone’s Wilderness Expeditions this year and collaborate with them on Snake Road. And to make it awesome, Slone’s first trip to Snake Road ended in a few Timber Rattlesnake sightings which is a pretty good ending if I must say. Collaborating with other YouTube Creators is something I honestly really enjoy looking forward to. If you are a local YouTube Creator and you want to collaborate with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can work something out. I really do look forward to collaborating with these folks again and other new collaborations with other channels in the near future.

Check Out My Collaboration Videos Below…

Slone’s Wilderness Video

Yote’s Second Video

Two Bobs’ Second Video

Yote’s First Video

Two Bobs’ First Video

My Video

The People

of Snake Road

One of the best things about Snake Road Fall Migration 2018 was the chance to walk the road with some good people whether it was people I already knew or people that I met on the road during this season. Pictured to the left is Bill from New Jersey, a fan who really wanted to meet me and randomly got his chance to meet me when I decided to go walk the road one day after work.
It was a blast meeting you, Bill. If I hadn’t seen any snakes that day, it would had still been worth it to meet up with you. Bill was the first fan to ask for a selfie together, too, which really made my day and gave me a nice big smile for the drive home. 
I also had a chance to walk on Snake Road with some good friends that I get to walk with during each season. A good friend of mine named Josh for example. He is so passionate about Snake Road that he is writing a book about it. And I’m honored that I have been able to help him with his efforts in doing it.
I enjoyed my walks with Josh as well as our good friend John. That is the thing about Snake Road, 9 out of 10 people you meet on the road are extremely friendly, willing to share their findings and always look forward to seeing you again on the next walk. Snake Road has been a wonderful experience in terms of making new friends, learning from others and really embracing the love of wildlife between each of us who experience the road.

Okay Okay

On To The Snakes

Snake Road Fall Migration 2018 was a big win this season. I saw a lot of Timber Rattlesnakes, more so than other seasons. I also finally saw a Mud Snake and knowing that it was a Mud Snake was a big deal to me. I saw a Milk Snake as well and that was an awesome treat. On most of my visits, I saw more snakes that I had seen on previous visits from other seasons.

Watch This Season’s Video List…

Halloween Special Video

Milk Snake Video

Mud Snake Video

Snake Road Video

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my article about Snake Road Fall Migration 2018. If you have enjoyed reading this article and want me to post more like this, please share this article with others and especially on your favorite social media platforms. I also encourage you to leave a like and a comment, as well. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos, my Instagram for photos, my Twitter and follow me on Facebook, too. Thanks again for reading another article by Hiking with Shawn and until next time, I’ll see you on the trail!
Shawn J. Gossman

Shawn J. Gossman


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