What to See on the Southern Illinois Wine Trail?

Have you been on the Southern Illinois Wine Trail?

It’s an amazing adventure!

Whether you’re interested in wine, dining, entertainment, or even an adventure – the Southern Illinois Wine Trail has something for everyone.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the best wineries Southern Illinois offers and places to see, hike and recreate along the way.

Enjoy this adventure, and remember to drink responsibly when using the Southern Illinois Wine Trail.

The Southern Illinois Wine Trail

Your journey starts in Carbondale, Illinois, home of Southern Illinois University. Fill up your gas tank, get some grub, stop by Shawnee Trails Wilderness for all your hiking gear, and get ready to start your adventure on the Southern Illinois Wine Trail! Let’s go!


1 – Monte Alegre Vineyard

(Carbondale) Information & Directions

Enjoy hiking, fishing, kayaking, and camping at Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.

Suggested Dining: Quatros Pizza

Suggested Lodging: Cabin on the Hill


2 – Honker Hill Winery

(Carbondale) Information & Directions

Enjoy a hike at Rocky Bluff and Wild Turkey Trails or a kayaking adventure on Little Grassy and Devil’s Kitchen lakes.

Suggested Dining: Whiffle Boy’s Pizza

Suggested Lodging: Red Roof Retreat


3 – Blue Sky Vineyard

(Makanda) Information & Directions

Enjoy a hike in the Panther Den Wilderness Area, the smallest wilderness designation around the Southern Illinois Wine Trail.

Suggested Lodging: Rocky Comfort Cabins


4 – Feather Hills Vineyard

(Makanda) Information & Directions

Enjoy a thrilling adventure at Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour.

Suggested Lodging: Woodland Retreat Cabins


5 – StarView Vineyards

(Makanda) Information & Directions

Check out the alpacas at the Rolling Oak Alpaca Farm when visiting the Southern Illinois Wine Trail.

Suggested Dining: Old Route 51 South BBQ

Suggested Lodging: Windy Hill Acres Inn


6 – Wichmann Vineyard

(Cobden) Information & Directions

Enjoy hiking and more at Giant City State Park, a quick drive away from this venue.

Suggested Dining: The Iron Whisk

Suggested Lodging: Shawnee Hill Bed & Breakfast


7 – Lincoln Heritage Winery

(Cobden) Information & Directions

Enjoy hiking and camping and Trail of Tears State Forest along this part of the Southern Illinois Wine Trail.

Suggested Dining: Dinner Bell Too

Suggested Lodging: Rustic Hideaway Cabins

Southern Illinois Wine Trail

8 – Owl Creek Vineyard

(Cobden) Information & Directions

Enjoy a hike or mountain bike ride along the Lirley Trail and see beautiful scenery views of Little Cedar Lake.

Suggested Dining: Taqueria Pequena

Suggested Lodging: Boars Nest Bed & Breakfast


9 – Peachbarn Winery

(Alto Pass) Information & Directions

Enjoy a hike along the Quetil Trail, and afterward, go to Cliff View Park and see the Southern Illinois Wine Trail from a high vantage point.

Suggested Lodging: Havisham House


10 – Alto Vineyards

(Alto Pass) Information & Directions

On your way to hike to Hutchins Creek from Bald Knob Wilderness, be sure to stop by the Bald Knob Cross of Peace.

Suggested Lodging: Cave Creek Cabins


11 – Von Jakob Winery & Brewery

(Alto Pass) Information & Directions

Launch a kayak from the Cedar Lake Boat Ramp or hike along the Cedar Lake Trail System when visiting this winery and brewery.

Suggested Lodging: Alto Wine Trail Loft


12 – Hickory Ridge Vineyard

(Pomona) Information & Directions

Enjoy a hike at the Pomona Natural Bridge when visiting this Southern Illinois Wine Trail destination.

Suggested Lodging: CornerStone Cabins


13 – Pomona Winery

(Pomona) Information & Directions

Go for a hike along the Little Grand Canyon Trail, a Shawnee National Forest favorite on the state’s western side.

Suggested Lodging: Tomcat Hill Cabins


14 – Kite Hill Vineyards

(Carbondale) Information & Directions

Enjoy a hike along the Green Earth Fernlands Nature Preserve and the other hiking trails of the organization scattered around Carbondale.

Suggested Dining: Midland Inn

Suggested Lodging: The Woodland Cabins


And that concludes some of the best wineries the Southern Illinois Wine Trail offers. For more lodging, dining, and attractions around the area, check out Union County Biz and Carbondale Tourism. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with others who might also like it. If you haven’t done it yet, consider subscribing to my free newsletter for monthly hiking tips and exclusive information.

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