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Cycling Gift Ideas

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Are you in need of cycling gift ideas this year? Do you have a particular cyclist on your holiday shopping list?

Christmas time and the holidays are approaching fast. And it’s time to get some last-minute shopping done. You probably need good gift ideas if you have a cyclist on your shopping list. This is especially difficult if you’re not a cyclist yourself. Luckily for you, there are many great gift items for a cyclist, and they’re all probably at your local bike shop, too!

I’m a cyclist and have been cycling for over a decade. I love cycling gear, apparel, and gifts. I wanted this article to give you some excellent cycling gift ideas for this holiday season. This is stuff that I’d love to get as a gift as a cyclist.

So, let’s look at some of the best cycling gear items to give your loved ones this holiday season.


Cycling Gift Ideas #1: Bike Helmet

Give the gift of protecting their noggin this Christmas and holiday season!

Bike helmets make great gifts. There are many to choose from, too. The ones that cost a little more usually provide better protection during a bike wreck. It doesn’t take that much of a hit to do severe damage. Bike helmets save lives. And there are a lot of great styles to choose from.

I don’t always wear a helmet, but I wear one anytime I’m on the road, mountain biking, or going a long distance. I’ve been in a few wrecks where had I not been wearing a helmet; the wrecks may have been pretty severe for me.

Safety equipment for cycling always makes perfect gifts for the holidays or any day.


Cycling Gift Idea #2: Bike Gloves

Bike gloves do a lot of good for our hands, especially when the terrain is rough.

After a long bike ride on the road or a bumpy ride through a single track, your hands take a beating. Cycling gloves are designed to help reduce the friction created from rough riding impacting your hands. There is usually a little bit of padding in the glove. It helps to prevent short and even long-term injuries.

Now and then, I need to remember to wear my bike gloves. At the end of the ride, my hands and wrists hurt quite a bit. I sweat a lot, and my hands slip, causing me to grip the handlebars firmly to prevent slips. When I wear gloves, I don’t ever have that problem.

There are many different types of bike gloves to choose from. The half-finger gloves are usually the most popular ones.


Cycling Gift Idea #3: Bike Computer

Bike computers are a great Christmas gift to cyclists who want to track their riding efforts.

Bike computers come in all different styles. There are basic computers that will be the cheapest, and then there are advanced computers that will do more but usually cost a few hundred dollars. Some computers record rides and suggest other routes. Bike computers are perfect for recording your rides and tracking your fitness scores.

I’ve used a few different types of bike computers. The ones I am eyeballing right now are the high-end ones that give you map-by-map directions. With a bike computer like that, you can explore many new routes you’ve never been on.

Bike computers make idea cycling gift ideas for that bigger Christmas gift selection.


Cycling Gift Idea #4: Bike Bags

Bike bags are always needed for different types of bike rides.

They make tons of different styles of bike bags these days. They make bags for everyday use. They make bags for commuters to carry their work stuff in or use to load groceries up. They make bags for bike tools and gear to carry. They make bags and racks for bike touring and bikepacking. There are a lot of different options.

I just recently got myself an oversized saddle bag for bikepacking. I used it on my 100 Mile Bike Ride, which worked well for me. If I ever go bikepacking, I’ll love that bag.

Bike bags make fantastic cycling gift ideas for any cyclist out there.


Cycling Gift Ideas #5: Cycling Kit

Cycling-specific clothing is one of the best gift ideas for your favorite cyclist.

Cycling kits usually consist of a shirt and bottoms. This might be a cycling jersey and bib shorts. It could also be thermal kits for winter cycling or tights. It might be a cycling vest, jacket, or raincoat. There are plenty of excellent cycling apparel options to choose from that your cyclist will love.

I like to get a new cycling kit every year. I especially like bib shorts with cargo pockets on the sides of them. You need more cycling kits.

Just make sure you know the size, especially when buying tighter-fitting kits.


Cycling Gift Idea #6: Cycling Socks

Like my Hiking Gift Ideas, cycling is another reason to buy socks!

Most cyclists love their cycling socks. If you get socks made for cycling, they’re super comfortable for biking activities. Most of them fit a little bit more snugly than other socks. Some are rated for cold seasons and keep the feet warmer on the bike. But most of all, most cycling socks have designs or art on them that cyclists love to wear and show off. You can get pretty creative with cycling socks.

I love socks that are specific for cycling. The summer ones are usually long enough to protect my feet but thin enough to be cooler when it’s warm. My cycling shoes are not as cool, so getting air to my feet is essential.

There are many styles of cycling socks to choose from, and you can even custom-design your own if you want to get creative.


Cycling Gift Idea #7: Bike Lights

Winter means it gets darker sooner. Some cyclists can only ride in the evenings. But what if it gets dark too fast?

Enter Bike Lights! Bike lights are not only great for riding in the evening but using them during the day is one more way to get noticed by drivers. Bike lights add to cycling safety, especially for road bikers. There are many excellent bike light options to choose from, too. You should consider a headlight and a backlight for the cyclist you’re buying for.

I’m a big fan of NiteRider bike lights. They’re a bit expensive, but their products last for so long. I got a headlight/backlight combo for under $200. The headlight has a high beam of up to 1,800 lumens which is bright. I can see everything, and everyone can see me.

A good set of bike lights makes for a perfect cycling gift for any cyclist on your shopping list.


Cycling Gift Idea #8: Bike Repair Kit

When your bike becomes disabled, and you can’t fix it, you could be stranded where you are!

You can prevent that with a basic bicycle repair kit. Get a small saddle bag and put the basics in there. Extra innertube, CO2 air pump with extra cartridge, multi-tool, patch kit, and a tire lever. That is all a cyclist would need to do basic repairs on their bike. You could throw a chain breaker taken in there for mountain bikers.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to change a tube or fix a flat on my bike rides. One day, I was in very rural Pomona when I had a flat and nothing to fix it with. It was a long walk back to my truck. Every time I get on the bike, I ensure I have the tools I need.

Make sure your cyclist has the necessary tools by getting them this year as a Christmas gift.


Cycling Gift Idea #9: Hydration Pack

It is vital to stay hydrated during bike rides, especially when the weather is hot and humid.

Many cyclists don’t hydrate as much as they should. Sometimes, cyclists don’t think about it. The water bottles are down on the frame and out of sight. Grabbing a water bottle during an intense mountain bike ride can also be problematic. But a good hydration backpack is perfect for staying hydrated with minimal effort to take a drink.

The hydration pack I use holds a 2-liter water bladder and enough room for a few snacks. It is the perfect hydration pack for mountain bike rides.

Keep your cyclist hydrated and healthy this holiday season by getting them their own hydration pack.


Cycling Gift Ideas #10: Bike Lock

Get the gift of security this year with your cyclist in mind.

Bike locks make for excellent cycling gift ideas. Bicycles are harder to get these days. Criminals know this, and they steal them and sell them on the Black Market. An excellent sturdy bike lock will prevent theft and help a bike owner’s mind at ease when they’re not around their bike. A local bike shop will tell you the best bike locks for your bike needs.

I go to many places on my bike where I park and hike. I always use a bike lock to ensure I have a way back and protect my expensive bikes. For some people I know, their bike is their way around. It’s their primary transportation.

It’s essential to protect the one thing that makes you a cyclist.


And that was ten excellent cycling gift ideas for this Christmas and holiday season. The ideas above will put a smile on the face of any cyclist you’re gifting for. I love every one of the items listed above and use them routinely. If you’ve enjoyed this gift and want to see more, give it a share and subscribe to my free monthly newsletter for more!

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