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Hiking Gift Ideas


Holiday Season

Are you looking for hiking gift ideas for that particular hiker in your life?

Christmas and other holidays are almost here, and there is little time to shop. Hiking gifts are perfect for our outdoorsy significant other, parents, children – or even hiking buddies. Maybe you want to do a secret Santa with your hiking group? I’m sure there is a hiker out there for you to get the perfect hiking gift.

You know me! I’m obsessed with hiking. Michelle is obsessed with hiking. We get each other hiking gifts every Christmas, Birthday, and even just because. I’ve done a lot of research on what hikers love. I wanted to make an excellent article about hiking gift ideas, which is the result of that. And remember, if you can get this stuff from your area, always try to Shop Local First!

So, without further delay, let’s jump in and check out ten hiking gifts to get your friends and loved ones this Christmas and holiday season.


Hiking Gift Ideas #1: First Aid Kit

This is one of the most critical gear that every hiker should have.

A first aid kit is essential, and the gift of one will show your loved one that you care. There are many first aid kits of different shapes and sizes to choose from, too. There are ones specifically designed for hiking.

My first aid kit is from a company called Surviveware, and I carry it on every hike I go on. It’s compact and has just enough supplies that I’d need in the event of an incident. I’ve also looked at the VSSL first aid mini, one of the most unique kits I’ve ever seen, in case you need something ultra-lightweight.

You can’t go wrong with hiking gift ideas meant to keep someone safe when things go wrong.


Hiking Gift Idea #2: Wool Socks

We hated getting socks for Christmas when we were kids, but now we love them as adult hikers!

Hiking socks are fantastic, but wool hiking socks make some of the best hiking gear ideas that you could come up with. Wool hiking socks help keep the feet warm during winter hiking and tend to wicker moisture away better than most other types of winter hiking socks.

I am a big fan of My Comfy Sock brand Alpaca wool hiking socks. They’re thick and super comfortable. Alpaca wool is safe for most people. It isn’t a material many people are allergic to. Thorlos brand socks are my favorite lightweight hiking socks.

Protecting our feet during hiking trips is one of the most essential things we must do.


Hiking Gift Idea #3: Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a fantastic gift for people with balance and stability issues.

Hikers can use trekking poles to help make their hike easier. They’re great for maintaining balance when crossing a creek or hiking on steep terrain. They make all different types of trekking poles. Some are super lightweight and made from carbon fiber. Some fold up completely, making storing them easy when you aren’t using them.

I use trekking poles from time to time. I mainly like them when I cross a creek because I am super clumsy. Just ask Michelle! I like the Black Diamond Brand trekking poles. I always got a regular telescopic one, but carbon fiber ones could benefit me from the weight aspects of it.

You can get one trekking pole or trekking poles, whichever the person you’re buying for would likely prefer.


Hiking Gift Idea #4: Mountain House Meals

Mountain House Meals make awesome hiking gift ideas because they last forever!

Mountain House Meals are dehydrated adventure meals. They come in many different flavors. You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert meals. Because they’re dehydrated, they last for a long time. They can last upward to more than fifty years or higher. They’re made with delicious ingredients, too.

Full transparency here, I’m a Mountain House Meals ambassador, but I won’t be an ambassador for anything I wouldn’t use. I love the Buffalo-style Mac and Cheese for dinner and, of course, the Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast (or lunch). I buy them every chance I get because you add boiling water and have a meal. They’ll probably last longer than me, too.

You can’t go wrong with hiking gift ideas that you can eat now or 40 years from now.


Hiking Gift Ideas #5: Hiking Backpack

A hiking backpack might be one of the best hiking gift ideas out there.

A good hiking backpack will make the experience a hundred times better. Regular backpacks are not designed for the wear and tear of a hiking backpack. You can adjust hiking backpacks properly to fit your body’s needs. You can pack gear better in them, too. They make them for day hiking, ultra-lightweight hiking, and even multi-day backpacking or thru-hiking.

I use Osprey Hiking Backpacks. I have three of them that I am absolutely in love with. My overnight backpack is my favorite; I’ve had it for about six years. I even got myself a waist pack from Osprey for shorter hikes like Heron Pond and Snake Road.

A backpack made just for hiking will be a favorite gift for anyone you give it to.


Hiking Gift Idea #6: Hiking Boots

What better hiking gift ideas out there than ones specifically designed to protect your feet?

There are a lot of different types of hiking footwear to choose from. Hiking boots are some of the best kinds of hiking footwear to get. This is especially true if you get waterproof boots. Hiking in boots, during wet conditions, and during the winter makes hiking a lot better.

My favorite hiking boots so far are Oboz Waterproof Boots. It is the second time I’ve bought them. Whatever boot you decide on, go one size up to make it easier to wear thicker socks with. I love my hiking boots; I usually wear them all year round, even in the warmer summer months.

You can’t go wrong with getting someone a perfect pair of hiking boots for Christmas.


Hiking Gift Idea #7: Hiking Headlamp

Could you imagine getting lost in the forest and turning dark where you couldn’t see anything?

A hiking headlamp will solve that nightmare before it starts. If you’re looking for good hiking gift ideas this year, why not add a headlamp to your list? A headlamp is perfect for any hiker who might be out after dark, whether on purpose or by accident. Most of them don’t come with batteries, so you might want to get those.

I love my headlamp. I buy basic ones that you’d get from any outdoor store. I don’t need anything too bright, just enough to see the trail I’m stepping on. But they have all sorts of different headlamp options available.

Headlamps are a common gear people forget to buy, making them perfect for the holidays.


Hiking Gift Idea #8: Hiking Towel

A hiking towel makes for an excellent stocking stuffer and unexpected gift.

Hiking towels usually have unique features that set them apart from regular towels. For starters, most of them are lightweight, and they’re easy to pack. Many come in a small pack that they attach to from the inside and clip on your backpack. They also tend to whicker moisture quicker and are easy to wash.

I bought a couple of hiking towel kits from REI that lasted me for quite a few years. Eventually, they need to be replaced, but that makes them a perfect stocking stuffer for another year. It beats carrying an actual heavy towel around with me.

The little things in hiking life, like hiking towels, put a smile on our faces.


Hiking Gift Idea #9: Hiking Snacks

Need more hiking gift ideas for stockings? SNACKS!

Hiking snacks make perfect stocking stuffers for your favorite hiker this holiday season. What do they like to eat on the trail? You can get them trail mix, jerky, nuts, trail bars, candy, and other fun outdoor snacks. We all get sick of snacks, said NO ONE EVER! Get them various hiking snacks so they have different ones to choose from for other hikes. Most of those types of snacks last forever, too. Maybe not as long as the Mountain House Meals…

Michelle usually gets me hiking snacks every Christmas. I look forward to them. I love different trail bars and beef jerky snacks. And there are enough companies with various snacks to choose from, too.

We are a species that loves to eat. When we’re hiking, we need to eat more. You can’t go wrong with snacks!


Hiking Gift Ideas #10: Personal Locator Beacon

Have you ever heard of a hiker carrying a personal locator beacon?

A personal locator beacon or PLB is a device that hikers carry to activate when they’re in trouble. Imagine getting hurt and not being able to hike anymore. Imagine getting lost; no matter what you do, you can’t find the trail. Imagine someone else needing help, and you can’t get them out of the woods. A PLB unit can be activated through GPS so that search and rescue personnel can get to you or a victim.

A PLB would make a perfect gift. There are subscription services that come with them. It gives you the confidence to know that your loved one has a safety net with them at all times. Cell phones don’t work in nature.

Any hiking gift ideas that can help save lives are some of the best gifts you can give someone.


And there you have it, folks – ten hiking gift ideas for this Christmas and holiday season. The suggestions above should make perfect gifts for the hiker or hikers that you have in mind. I know a few of those I would love to have (i.e., snacks, more snacks). If you enjoyed this article, consider sharing it and subscribe to my free monthly newsletter for even more exclusive articles and hiking tips.

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