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Legal Notice

Hiking with Shawn is a registered Limited Liability Company in the State of Illinois, United States of America and practices under the name of Hiking with Shawn. Hiking with Shawn is a registered trademark of Hiking with Shawn, LLC in the jurisdiction in which the company practices in or per the requirements of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


Copyright Notice

All copyrightable material of Hiking with Shawn include video footage, photos, articles, graphics, images, content within the public domain names, information and media items are © 2021 of Hiking with Shawn, LLC. All rights are reserved. Permission is granted to share video, article, page, social media, photography and other items as long as such content and media isn’t altered to hide the original source to Hiking with Shawn. Any use of such media or other content copyright to Hiking with Shawn for official press articles and coverage or other not so ordinary means is strictly prohibited without express and/or written approval from the officers of Hiking with Shawn, LLC.

Hiking with Shawn is a registered trademark of Hiking with Shawn, LLC.



Content and media published by and/or behalf of Hiking with Shawn and Hiking with Shawn, LLC is meant for entertainment use only. Hiking with Shawn, LLC, Shawn Gossman, its partners, its agents, its affiliates, its collaborators and its associates cannot be held liable for injuries, accidents, fatalities and other negative results based on acts concluded from viewing the content or media provided as entertainment-only by Hiking with Shawn, LLC and its respective affiliates. Hiking, backpacking and outdoor recreational activities can be dangerous activities and therefore should be done at a person(s) own risk. Hiking with Shawn, LLC and its affiliates are not advocating conducting acts that could be deemed as unsafe or risky. Please hike and conduct outdoor activities at your own risk. Safety should always be your main priority as it it considered the main priority of Hiking with Shawn, LLC.

The opinions expressed by members and affiliates of Hiking with Shawn, LLC are opinions of the person(s) making them. These opinions do not reflect the overall mission of Hiking with Shawn, LLC or other person, parties and companies outside of Hiking with Shawn, LLC that relate to the company or person involved within the company such as friends, member of a family, sponsors, employers and other unassociated parties and/or persons.


Disclaimer of Third Parties

Third parties associated with Hiking with Shawn, LLC are not controlled or managed by Hiking with Shawn, LLC. Therefore, Hiking with Shawn, LLC cannot claim full reliability of any product, service, advertisement and/or item(s) of interest associated with the third party based on their association with Hiking with Shawn, LLC. These third parties may have additional legal disclaimers and policies in which all viewers should review to understand the legal responsibility and liability of such third parties in association with Hiking with Shawn, LLC.


Company Affiliation

Hiking with Shawn is a privately-based Limited Liability Company owned by Shawn Gossman. Hiking with Shawn is NOT affiliated or owned by the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Forest Service or the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Hiking with Shawn is not a part of any public and/or government agency. Hiking with Shawn, LLC makes no claims to be officially affiliated with the agencies listed above.


Advertising Disclaimer

Whereas appropriate and authorized, Hiking with Shawn, LLC does conduct advertising activities and has affiliated sponsors. This is conducted to earn revenue and profit to support the company and the costs that are associated with operating it. Footage and other media items of National Forest land and state natural land are provided free and are not being sold or filmed in a commercial nature. Advertisements are sold on YouTube and profits are shared with creators.

Thank you for reading the Hiking with Shawn Legal Disclaimer.


Contact Information

Hiking with Shawn, LLC
P.O. Box 148
Metropolis, Illinois 62960
Phone: 1.618.694.7034


General Feedback: shawn@hikingwithshawn.com

Legal Information: legal@hikingwithshawn.com

Copyright Information/Infringement Reporting: dmca@hikingwithshawn.com


Copyright © 2021 Hiking with Shawn®, LLC.

Hiking with Shawn® is a registered trademark of Hiking with Shawn, LLC.

All rights are reserved.

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