Hiking with Shawn Public Speaking

Hiking with Shawn public speaking services is possible through in-person and virtual speaking opportunities. I usually ask for a fee of $200.00 for a public in-person speaking event (that includes a unique PPT presentation) and $100.00 for virtual speaking events. The price could go up for travel costs, especially while gas is higher. I might be able to reduce rates or provide free speaking events for some very local in-person events or virtual events. If you’re interested in Hiking with Shawn Public Speaking opportunities, please contact me today.

I speak about the following topics:

  • Hiking in Shawnee National Forest
  • Hiking in Southern Illinois State Parks
  • Southern Illinois cycling
  • Hiking skills
  • Outdoor writing
  • Outdoor video topics
  • Becoming a YouTuber
  • Outdoor business
  • Southern Illinois Tourism

Please note that in person speaking events will require you to provide the equipment for me to show my presentation. I can bring the presentation if you provide the equipment. I can usually do events locally during the evening hours, especially if virtual, through the week. Otherwise I will only be able to do morning and afternoon events on the weekends if I am available. Once I become full time, this should all change. While I am fine with in person speaking, I prefer virtual speaking events because they’re easier to accomplish.

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