Do you ever use hand warmers when hiking?

Michelle and I don’t necessarily like cold weather. We tolerate it because you can see more and explore areas of the forest that are usually harder to get to during warmer months. But we’re not exactly fans of cold weather by any means.

So, we typically use hand warmers to help keep our fingers and hands warm.

This is a little review of our three types: Zippo chargeable hand warmers, Zippo fluid warmers, and Hot Hands air-activated powder warmers.

Zippo Chargeable Hand Warmers

Michelle uses these the most. I have a few and always forget to charge them. But I’ve used them a few times when we’re out hiking.

They are about $30 each, and you can buy them online.

The ones we get have three warmth settings, one being the lowest and three being the hottest.

Two or three (medium or high) is the only setting you can use to stay warm.

They typically last for a few hours, up to about four to six hours, pending on how high you keep them on and how long you keep them on. But, of course, keeping them on high for the charge’s life will stay on less.

You charge them up through a USB port.

I recommend these, but I don’t think they’re the best.

Hand Warmers

Zippo Fluid Hand Warmers

These are the hand warmers that take Zippo lighter fluid.

You fill the containers with the fluid and then light them. Then you close the cap, and they stay warm. Unfortunately, they can get hot enough that you must keep them in their little pocket bag.

They last a while and are easier to keep warm when hiking since all you need is the fluid and a lighter. They do have a smell to them, however. The scent is much like a Zippo lighter. Some people like that smell a lot, and some do not.

This is also a good option if you want working hand warmers.


Hot Hands Hand Warmers

These are my favorite hand warmers.

You will likely see them at retail stores with a few in a pack or single packs that are inexpensive.

I like these more for many different reasons. For starters, you don’t have to charge them or fill them up with fuel. Just open the pack, shake it, and it warms up.

I use these a lot to put in my hoodie pocket. Then I put my video camera in the pocket (GoPro), which helps keep the battery warmer so that I can mitigate battery drainage from colder temperatures. I also use them to warm my hands from time to time. If it’s freezing, I usually wear gloves, but I overheat quickly, so I don’t wear them too long.

Hot hands give me some quick heat that I don’t need too much.

I’ve also put a few in my sleeping bag when camping on colder nights. It will make the sleeping bag really warm. That helps if you put your water bottle in there with them to prevent it from freezing when camping on colder nights.

I’d recommend getting these before any others simply because they work anytime you need them, and they’re cheap.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this hand warmers review. I’d love to hear which ones you like the best in a comment below. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already.

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