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with Friends

Hiking with friends gives you a lot of great benefits, especially if you’re starting as a hiker.

Hiking with other people will help you take the focus off exercise and lean more towards fun and adventure. It is also safer to hike with one or more people because nature can sometimes be unforgiving to humans. It is also great for making great memories and finding new trails together.

I love hiking with other people. I especially love taking people out who wouldn’t hike an area alone. I love showing someone something they’d never thought they’d see while enjoying nature.

If you’re interested in hiking with friends and want to understand the benefits of it, be sure to keep reading.


Hiking with Friends is Entertaining

Hiking can be exercise; it can become challenging if you realize it is exercise.

Hiking with friends helps to keep your mind off the fact that hiking is a form of exercise. You’re not thinking about working out. Your friends are entertaining you. You’re joking, laughing, and recalling enjoyed moments with your buddies. Hiking with others is entertaining and removes the fitness aspect of it all.

I could never work out in a gym because I know I’m working out. But I can go hiking or biking with other people all day because I don’t think about it being exercise.

You should find other people who want to hike and hike with them to keep your mind off the complex parts of hiking.


Hiking with Friends is Safer

Hiking is not precisely the safest form of outdoor recreation.

Many people get seriously injured every year while hiking—some die. People get lost. People get dehydrated. People have bad encounters with wildlife. The list goes on. Many people who have the worst aftermath are usually hiking alone. Hiking with friends is a solution to that problem. A friend can get help. A friend can help you. A friend can keep you from losing your ability to think straight.

I’ve almost fallen a few times while hiking alone. I’ve had to stop and ask myself if it was worth being alone. The times I almost fell would have resulted in me not being able to get out of the forest by myself. That’s not a good thing.

If you want to be as safe as you can while enjoying a hike, you should consider hiking with friends.


Hiking with Friends is Memories

Hiking with other people will allow you to make better memories of the outdoors.

When you hike with other people, there is more moving around. More eyes mean more things can be spotted in your group. Hiking with friends allows you to make more memories because more people are seeing more things and bringing them to your attention.

My best memories of hiking have been with my girlfriend, Michelle. We have made so many fantastic memories on the trail. I would have never explored the many places I have been without her by my side. I love every minute of it.

If you’re looking to make the best memories with a hike, consider bringing someone else along to help you make the best memories possible.


Hiking with friends, in the end, is just a good idea. The benefits make it a great adventure; most of all, it is much safer to hike with someone else. I know I’ve been a lot happier myself now that I hike someone every time I get out. If you’ve never hiked with other people before, why don’t you make your next hike to include a friend or two to try it out?

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